MK-Matrix the best partner in Cyprus for packaging machines, metal detectors, coding machines, support and Maintenance

  • Mk-Matrix Packaging


    There are a multitude of different types of packaging machines. Each have subcategories and so many options, it can be bewildering. Any machine is not of much use unless it is suitable for your application. Mk-Matrix have direct experience with all the machines you see here.

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  • Mk-Matrix metal detections

    Metal Detection

    From standard metal detection units up to fully customisable systems with options for fail-safe alarms for low air pressure, reject confirmation, etc. Why risk your reputation?

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  • Mk-Matrix coding


    Which type of coder for you? There are so many different types of coders, each with many options, how do you choose?
    Code individual packs, boxes, cartons and pallets with: Production date, Best Before date, Batch number, Barcodes, Ingredients...

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  • Mk-Matrix Support and maintenance


    For coding machines Mk-Matrix offers a complete maintenance contract that includes priority call-out time and discounts on spares and labour. For metal detectors, we are offer full Performance Validation audits so you can be certain that your detectors actually detect and reject successfully...

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Packaging and Coding solutions that work, and work, and work….


Mk-Matrix have been offering solutions that work and work for more than three decades in Cyprus.
We consider every product/application as unique and propose the most suitable options.

This ensures that you receive the most cost-effective option long-term. The suppliers of MK-Matrix are typically the leaders in their field and have included Audion Elektro, Bosch, Domino, Exxon-Mobil (ex-Mobil Plastics), Ishida, Linx, Ilapak, Markem, Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Taconic, Theodorou, Wright, Zebra .

Packaging machines include multihead weighers, vertical and horizontal bagmakers and tray sealers. Metal detectors are available for all applications. Coding systems cover everything from a small label with barcode, a best before date by inkjet or thermal transfer to a laser.

Our support page details the various types and level of support we can offer. We have hundreds of machines being used daily by all sizes of manufacturers, including most major producers that we all consume their products daily.


These include:

  • Metal detection clients in Cyprus
  • Packaging machines clients in Cyprus
  • Coding Machines Solutions clients in Cyprus
  • We offer support and maintenance for Metal detection, packaging, codinin Cyprus